Una Storia di <br> famiglia

Una Storia di

With the dolce vita, the joy of living and above all (very) passionate about our lands, we have been producing exceptional olive oil for generations

To discover...
Calabrian <br> Olive Oil

Olive Oil

We have decided to take over the olive farm from our grandparents to introduce you to our terroir, which was unknown in France until then…

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Never two without three

Never two without three

Taste our different varieties
Geracese, Carolea or Bergamot, it doesn't matter!

The choice you make will be the right one!

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Cold Extraction - Organic - Extra Virgin
But wait! The best is yet to come...

We have selected for you our unique olive oils from the Gerecese & Carolea varieties, harvested by hand, and organic certified. Elegant and sought after, they will allow you to travel and discover Calabrian Culture.

The real Extra Virgin olive oil of excellence, 100% NATURAL

It's a man's oil, not a machine's. That's because making oil isn't like making bolts. Good oil needs love... A love that machines cannot give.

Why not filter it? Although there are excellent filtered extra virgin olive oils, filtering, in our opinion, removes everything that makes an oil unique. Filtration deprives the oil of its identity. This makes it anonymous and standard.

Our "Nonni" (grandparents in Italian), passed on all their know-how to us and we prefer to produce few excellent oils, rather than a large quantity.

It is scientifically proven that the best olives grow in the hills. And that is why the LUCANGELI olive groves grow directly on the hills (between 400 and 700 meters). In the plains you can use cars, on the hills you cannot.

You should know that the olives can be gently detached from the tree using special combs... Or by beating the tree to make them fall. Comb harvesting further preserves both the olive and the olive tree. And that's actually the harvesting method used.

Still not satisfied?
🫒Olives are crushed 4 hours after harvest
⛄️ LUCANGELI'S OIL is cold extracted
💪🏽 Before being bottled, LUCANGELI'S OIL is stored in stainless steel tanks
✈ LUCANGELI'S OIL arrives at your home directly, without going through any intermediary
🥇 LUCANGELI'S OIL has only 0.2% acidity...

It's better ? So, andiamo 👈
You can order directly on the website by clicking on the products below !!
Or you can decide to contact us if you have any further questions. The LUCANGELI team of experts will be at your entire disposal.


A family story above all

Family Story

Understanding the birth of Lucangeli, you have to go to Calabria and more precisely to Palmi, a Mediterranean town with unmissable charm located at the tip of the Italian boot facing Sicily.

One culture

One culture




Family Success Story

Family Success Story


Post of the month


Eccoci qui! It’s early November and it’s the most anticipated time of year for the LUCANGELI family. Head to Calabria to help our family and our neighbouring producers harvest olives!

After a few hours of travel, the return of the good meals of our Nonna, the reunion... we are ready to start working.

Our olive fields do not undergo any chemical treatment, they are even certified "organic"... And all the olives are picked by hand thanks to our vibrating combs and nets that collect the fruit, it makes the task more difficult but gives at the end a better quality product...

Discover the FAMIGLIA

Discovering LUCANGELI !

Discovering LUCANGELI
Through our olive oil vintages, we take you on a journey to our Calabrian lands!
 They trust us !

The quest for excellence! Our starred and gastronomic Chefs who trust us and who recommend the quality of our products ⭐️ 

Find us in the delicatessen nearest you !

Being present in many gourmet stores all over France, you can find LUCANGELI close to your home📍

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Your opinions

Caroline Lgll
An organic Olive oil

An oil that takes you on a journey, its flavors that embellish every dish, whether hot or cold. We can see the difference between oils bought from the past and Lucangeli. From now on, I will only buy this oil that I recommend to everyone around me! In addition, the bottle is super pretty, it perfectly dresses the kitchen and the osor cap integrated in the bottle allows you to put the oil as you see fit. 

Marie Vanmarcke
Their olive oils are delicious! Their olive oils are delicious! Impossible to find such good olive oil since I tasted those of Lucangeli. A unique know-how... I recommend.
Emilie J
Great ! The oil is of very good quality, difficult to do without after tasting! It stands out completely from classic oils and adds a final touch with a very pleasant texture and character in the mouth, exquisite!
Amaury Rossero
The best olive oil I’ve tasted It’s clearly the best olive oil I’ve tasted 😋 Olive oil is designed in southern Italy and there’s a whole story behind it! The producers are passionate and their story is exciting. It’s a treat 👌
Valentin Bancel
the quality An oil that enhances the quality and flavor of pleasure! The qualifier is really there! I did not taste a product but a state of mind!
Sempre Ribellu
Pleasure ! I could not find the words to live up to the quality of this oil, and the pleasure it brings to the tasting. It is so much higher than any other level that it is indescribable. I never thought I’d write an opinion about olive oil, but I had to. If you drip it, you are doomed to not return to a classic and bland oil.
capucine girardey
I recommend! A beautiful family business, excellent olive oil and top quality, I recommend!
William Schlouch
It is excellent! I tested the Geracese olive oil! It is excellent! In addition to that the team is very friendly! I recommend!
Léo Brich
Extraordinary 👌

Superb product, the very fruity taste, the bottle which is very pretty, the delivery very fast!

Federica Massaro

This oil is a beautiful discovery, original in taste, silky and very fragrant, brings back the sun in my salty and sweet dishes !!

Luc Kbj
A wonder in delicatessen

Thank you to my friend, the owner of a delicatessen, for forcing me to discover this olive oil. It is a pure wonder. A noble and very rare taste, the fruit of passionate and meticulous work. Can't wait to discover the next cuvée!

Mathilde T
Great customer service!

Olive oil that brings the sun to our plate! My family and I are won over by this product. Great customer service!

Salvatore Gullo
Olio oliva calabrese ottimo Olio oliva calabrese ottimo x condimento, leggero profumato, lo consiglio. 👍🆗
Mireille Aubanel
Pure and Fruity olive oil

The six bottles well received. A beautiful, pure, fruity olive oil. A very low price for this great quality. I highly recommend. I will come back for Christmas presents, for a touch at a dinner with friends. I will prefer oil to flowers or wine and champagne.

Isabelle hubaut
Exceptional flavor

It is an olive oil with an exceptional flavor. I use it in all hot and cold dishes. I adopted him. I recommend her.

Benhacoun Julien
Very Nice !
Speedy shipment, perfect packaging, excellent quality oil.
First order, which will certainly not be the last !
Line Péres
A Luxury Product
An exceptional taste quality for a light, fine and delicately scented oil which goes very well with salads as well as with vegetables and grilled meats.
Elena Grigoras
Italy at home

A warm typical Italian welcome, a high quality product, in short Italy at home

Maelys Kerogues
Pretty bottle to display in our kitchen
Very nice surprise! 
I rediscovered the flavors of olive oil and a very pretty bottle to display in her kitchen. Thanks to all the reviews without which I wouldn't have discovered, I recommend.
Léa Lmsg
100% validated

I was completely seduced by Lucangeli olive oil: a superb seasoning for all dishes, express delivery, top customer service ... and to enhance it all, very nice packaging! I will not hesitate to recommend her and even give her as gifts.

Clément Petit
Good quality

I recommend Lucangeli brand products because they are of very good quality and I have never been disappointed with their products since consuming them. I highly recommend !

Céline jousselin

Very nice discovery! A feast for the taste buds... Thank you again for the customer service, the personalized card in the package...

Florian G
Fantastic oil
The spout is very practical. The bottle is pretty. Currently in Finland, this oil really gives a good taste to rather tasteless foods.
Ps : I advice you to buy a stock of bottles to limit delivery costs.
Pierre J
My darling loves to cook with it, she brings a different taste to her Mediterranean cuisine.
Elen Rossi
A different product
A product that clearly differs from other oils that I have tasted! The sweetness of these aromas are just perfect for spicing up salads and other cold dishes, but also goes very well in some hot dishes.
Ivic Nikola
I love this oil
The oil lived up to our expectations, excellent. Thank you and see you soon. 
Gullo Concetta
Meraviglioso !!!
Un olio d'oliva di qualità, una meraviglia d'Italia...
Una produzione artigianale e un forte valore familiare che dona fascino alla bottiglia.
Si consuma molto velocemente.
Anais Nignol
Amazing !
Lucangeli olive oil is unique and authentic! Its flavor is subtle and refined because it is produced with passion. The bottle is sublime, similar to an object of interior decoration. It is ideal for gourmets but also for sharing simple moments with the family.
Alexis Imenez
Very good surprise
Friends advised me, very good surprise. An oil with a lot of aromas on the nose when you open the bottle and great aromas on the palate. She enhances my dishes very well.
Giuliani Claudia

This olive oil is just delicious! I haven't been without it since I discovered it. A real wonder to accompany all your dishes!

Sahakian Lenny
I got to know your oil this year, it was a revelation, since then I regularly offer a bottle to friends to let them know your products.
Thank you
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Free Delivery

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Direct from the producer

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Always available to advise you

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