Family Story

Family Story

Understanding the Origin of Lucangeli, we need to go to Calabria and more precisely in Palmi, a Meditterain city with beautiful charm at the end of the South of Italy facing Sicily.

At this place we spend beautiful moment with our Italian family with Concetta and Guiseppe, our producers of olive oil. They have a family olive farm for nearly a Century. Our olive is unique, because and can only be produced in small quantities. We get the olive oil from a rare olive, named Geracese.  Naturally our family give us their expertise and a culture for olive oil. Since a young age, we helped them harvest from the different fields.We are today very glad to promote our origins, our lands and our labor of our families.

The olive oil, Luncangeli, is a local product from Calabria, is irreproachable quality. It answers to high criteria: it is biologic, a specific variety, extra virgin and we realise a cold extraction. The authenticity of our product and its flavor will take you back to the heart of the South of Italy. Its Calabrian character makes you the promise of an oil factory and gustatory travel and will perfect your dish.

You can share pleasant moments with family and friends.
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Direct from the producer

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