The Team

The Team

The Squadra LUCANGELI... far from being a simple team.

Almost two years ago, Alessandra and Gregory decided to take over the family olive farm. They started with 2000 bottles of “Geracese” olive oil. Determined, a few months later, it was a success, the first edition was completely sold out to the delight of French delicatessens and olive oil merchants! They then decided after this introduction to share their know-how in the largest cities of France: Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille and on the French Riviera.

It was then that the family grew. Greg's cousin, Hugo, took to the heart of this craft, wanted to join the LUCANGELI adventure! Subsequently, Delphin, Lucie, Anaïs, Célestin, Mélody and Marion also threw themselves into the deep end! The family decided to promote a second variety of product, the “Carolea” then later a third with bergamot appearing among the best of 2022 at the Gourmet Sélection fair in Paris! From now on, LUCANGELI is great story of enthusiasts who thirst to surpass themselves and to make this exceptional green gold a known to all lovers of olive oil.

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We are Greg and Alessandra, the founders of LUCANGELI, based on the Costa Azzurra. With a Franco-Italian origin, we have decided to promote our olive-growing region throughout France and internationally! Passionate about life and encounters, always with the joy of living and the desire to surpass ourselves, we love to challenge ourselves on a daily basis! Between impatience and hyperactivity, our two profiles are complementary to the development of LUCANGELI! All this, without ever forgetting the Famiglia and our mascot Rio, our ambition is to become the benchmark for excellent olive oil and to make you vibrate around our wonderful products transmitted thanks to the know-how of our " Nonni” and Calabrian producers. Our favorite oil is the characteristic “Geracese” because it is with it that everything has started…

I'm Hugo, il cugino or "il figlio" for friends, sales manager, I'm in charge of developing our network in Ile-de-France and in my native region, Haute-Savoie 🏔 I'm passionate about life, epicurean at heart, I like to learn and discover new exceptional products. I have a rather extroverted character; I am comfortable in public but sensitive with my close friends and my family. My favorite olio is the "Carolea" because she landed in the LUCANGELI adventure, like me in October 2021!

I’m Delphin, I come from Figeac (but I prefer to say Toulouse because it's easier!). My role is to make discover our beautiful olive oil to the inhabitants of Toulouse but also in the surrounding cities. I am passionate about cooking and gastronomy and that's why I love spending my time chatting with chefs 🧑‍🍳 I am calm and smiling by nature and my favorite oil at LUCANGELI is “Carolea” because it can be paired with all dishes!

I am Lucie, I am from Normandy but now it is in Bordeaux that you will find me to taste our wonderful olive oils. I am passionate about fashion and the equestrian world, but what I love above all is cooking! Indeed, I am of epicurean nature but I am also jovial and sociable. My favorite olive oil at LUCANGELI is “Carolea” because its floral side goes perfectly with all the dishes I cook 🍝

I'm Marion, I'm from the south of France, more precisely from Sète 🌞 I went to discover Lyon for my studies and I now introduce our excellent olive oils to restaurants and delicatessens! I am passionate about sports and writing. I am hyper active, always smiling and motivated! My favorite oil at LUCANGELI is the “Geracese”: its softness and its roundness in the mouth knows how to marry perfectly with summer but also winter dishes!

I’m Mélody, I come from the South West of France. At LUCANGELI, I take care of digital communication. I am passionate about all types of dance. I'm pretty determined, I always try to go after my projects 💪 My favorite oil at LUCANGELI is the one with bergamot because I eat a lot of salads and this olive oil is perfect for this type of dish, it sublimates them wonderfully.


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