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Eccoci qui! It’s early November and it’s the most anticipated time of year for the LUCANGELI family. Head to Calabria to help our family and our neighbouring producers harvest olives!

After a few hours of travel, the return of the good meals of our Nonna, the reunion...we are ready to start working 🫒

Our olive fields do not undergo any chemical treatment, they are even certified "organic"... And all the olives are picked by hand thanks to our vibrating combs and nets that collect the fruit, it makes the task more difficult but gives at the end a better quality product 👩🏻‍🌾

An olive has an equivalent proportion of flesh and fruit, so it takes a lot of olives to produce oil. The challenge of the harvest is mainly due to the small size of these and the yield that is very low this year.

After the pick-up, it’s time to bring all the olives to our partner mill to extract the oil from our olives. When they reach the mill, they are first separated from the leaves and then washed. Finally we arrive at the most interesting stage... When they are clean, the olives are ground and then extract the gold from the fruit, its oil. You should know that at Lucangeli our olive oil is extracted cold which means that it was extracted below 27°C, a guarantee of excellent quality!

There you go! All that remains is to bottle our olive oil to allow you to add a few drops of it on your dishes to sublimate them 🤌

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Free Delivery

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Direct from the producer

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Always available to advise you

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